About Us

Happy Brain Education is a not-for-profit organisation which provides tutoring and mentoring services to young people. We also involve them in impactful, meaningful social projects.

We first commenced our tutoring on the 31st of January 2016, as a way to fundraise for an urgently needed heart surgery for a young boy, Hussein. Hussein is a 6-year-old child from an Iraqi background who required urgent medical care as his heart was failing. Through tutoring, we played a crucial role in helping Hussein's doctor, Dr Ali Alfiadh,  to raise $147,000 for the surgery.  

Due to the overwhelming demand we received for the tutoring, we decided to continue our program after Hussein received his life-saving surgery at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. It had always been a dream of ours to work with young people and to fill the huge gaps that exist in the services offered to those in disadvantaged suburbs, especially in the education and mentoring sector.

Currently, Happy Brain Education offers three programs: 

1- The Access Program: free tutoring and mentoring for students from refugee backgrounds 

2- The Empower Program: academic tutoring for nearly all subjects for students in disadvantaged suburbs. We work in the Dandenong area and Broadmeadows Youth Central. These classes are $10/ hour

3- The Impact Program: We involve alumni and current students in projects that they care about. These include youth homelessness, refugee advocacy, youth mental health and other issues.