Aureus Education


Aureus Education is a social enterprise which supports the work of Happy Brain Education. We have a number of programs operating around Melbourne, including homework clubs, Latin programs and private tutoring. 

Aureus Education formally known as Active Learning , founded by Louis Razuki in 2013, seeks to support students by supplementing school with tuition classes. We seek to support students in achieving their full potential, thrive in school, and enjoy their educational experience. We want all students to remember their school days fondly.

We aim to remove the strain of homework from parent-child relationships. Parents and children can experience a lot of conflict when trying to complete homework together. Active Learning steps in to support students to complete their homework and provide parents with feedback to ensure that they stay up to date with their child’s academic progress.

All Aureus Education tutors are passionate about education being done right! They are as much mentors & older brothers / sisters, as they are tutors. They care about students achieving their full potential and having a great relationship with learning.

Profits from Aureus Education are used to support Happy Brain’s work with youth.