Do you remember what it was like to be a teenager?

No, we don’t like to either. Those were some ugly days – perhaps uniquely ugly for everyone, but ugly all the same. You, the tragic hero of your own story, biding your time, fighting (or dancing with?) your demons, surrounded by people – your family, your peers, your teachers - who just didn’t understand. Maybe you were ahead of your time, maybe you were slumming in it. Regardless, it’s usually you against the world, and it’s a miserable experience.

And now we’re on the other side. And you know what? It’s still miserable, but tolerably so. It’s a misery that can be contained by a little hope, a little support, a little energy, a little productivity, and maybe some bonuses like fun and friends. Who knows.

So we, at Happy Brain, thought it would be a small kindness to alleviate the misery experienced by these poor underlings still slogging away through the prison that is high school. Our destination? Minaret College, Springvale campus. This mentoring program will be running in semester two of the 2018 school year. It will run every 2-3 weeks, but day and time are still to be confirmed. 

 We want them to know that there is something much grander awaiting them, a world of opportunities and possibilities. We got through, didn’t we? And we’re okay, aren’t we? (There is only one answer to this question.)

Feeling decidedly inspired? (There’s only one answer to that question too.)


According to Google, a mentor is an adviser, a guide, a confidant. An Acharya. That last one is not particularly relevant, but it looked interesting enough. Anyway. We want you to be all of these things (except, perhaps, an Acharya) for the students that partake in this program, and for that, we need to get to know you better.   

So here’s the deal. We want you to write your own spiel about yourself, something that defines you, something meaningful, something from your soul (dig deep, guys) - something that will allow us to consider you from a human point of view. We’ve compiled a set of questions to assist you. We do not want you to answer all the questions. Just skim through, and hopefully one or two may stand out. Answer it. Answer it with soul. Even if you need to write an essay. It is not enough to answer ‘what scares you?’ with ‘spiders’ or ‘the weird smells that come from my brother’s room’. Something you regret profoundly is not the second slice of cake you had after lunch. We want a story.

If nothing stands out – don’t stress. They’re just there to stimulate your ideas, to give you a clue about what we’re looking for.

Note that this is just an expression of interest. There is no small print here, locking you down to be a part of this program for life.

We really just want to get an idea about the kind of person you are, in terms of your character and values. When the time comes, we’d just like to pair you with a mentee who may suit your temperament and outlook, so that you guys can build something beautiful.

So. The time has come… take a good look at what’s inside, be a little brave and let something out

Note: Your responses will be only read by Samah Illyas, one of the coordinators of the Mentoring Program.


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