Youth Mentoring Program

Do you remember what it was like to be a teenager?

No, we don’t like to either. Those were some ugly days – perhaps uniquely ugly for everyone, but ugly all the same. You, the tragic hero of your own story, biding your time, fighting (or dancing with?) your demons, surrounded by people – your family, your peers, your teachers - who just didn’t understand. Maybe you were ahead of your time, maybe you were slumming in it. Regardless, it’s usually you against the world, and it’s a miserable experience.

And now we’re on the other side. And you know what? It’s still miserable, but tolerably so. It’s a misery that can be contained by a little hope, a little support, a little energy, a little productivity, and maybe some bonuses like fun and friends. Who knows.

So we, at Happy Brain, thought it would be a small kindness to alleviate the misery experienced by these poor underlings still slogging away through the prison that is high school. We run sessions at school, develop bonds with our mentees, instil a sense of resilience and pride in them and are there as their guides. 

The program ran at Minaret College, Springvale campus in 2017 and received very positive feedback. This program will be running again in semester two of the 2018 school year.