Year 12 Podcast w/ Frank McGuire and Steve

We’re at the outset of another school year. It may be your first of thirteen or your last of thirteen. Some of you may have already started year 12 and have a SAC next week.

 I must say - Year 12 is tough, whether you are completing your VCE, HSC or your QCE it has its highs and lows; however, in all that stress and concentration it is important to maintain your health, manage your time well, sleep, socialise and most importantly enjoy your year 12 experience.

This week Happy Brain Education, Frank McGuire and Steve, a youth worker from Melbourne had a conversation about Year 12: how to stay healthy, manage study and other commitments. And, we also spoke about the importance of life-long-learning, and the importance of staying devoted and committed to whatever you want to achieve.