Our Mission

Happy Brain Education is committed to providing high quality educational programs that empower youth and provide equal opportunities.

Our aim through our classes is to provide high quality educational programs to those in need, at subsidised prices. We also endeavor to instill key qualities and skills in our students, including: critical thinking, leadership initiatives and a passion for social contribution. We felt it our duty as young adults to provide a helping hand and a pillar of support for  youth, to empower them and to allow them to achieve their best, no matter what their ethnic, socioeconomic or personal background is.

Supporting the Community
Any profits made from our classes, after covering our administrative costs (rent, insurance, printing, etc.) go towards a charitable cause. So far, the causes that we’ve supported are Hussein’s surgery, Doctors Towards Hope and the Suubi Centre Uganda (CD4 Machine Campaign).

Where we are now:

  • More than 200 students
  • 16 tutors
  • 3 Branches