Our Mission

Happy Brain Education is a social movement of young people seeking to make the world a more equitable, just and benevolent place. We strive to achieve this through empowering young people to achieve their potential, fundraising for worthwhile causes and working on socially impactful projects.


At HBE, we believe that it is those who have experienced social disadvantage who have the deepest insight into the need to create change for future generations. Our mission is to empower those people through providing them with high-quality academic support, mentoring and involving them in practical learning through social projects.

HBE seeks to work with other organisations in the same space and to collaborate with parents, schools, governments, businesses and other stakeholders to maximise the benefits to young people.

HBE seeks to work with other organisations to help rediscover the purpose of education and mould the education system to fit the needs of the 21st century.