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Latin tutor for Active Learning

We are currently looking for a Latin tutor to work at one of Active Learning's Primary School programs at Christchurch Grammar School . This program aims to teach the basics of Latin to young students .

Your responsibilities:

  • Supporting students in homework club at their schools after school on weekdays. 
  • Supporting students in completing their homework in the assigned time and encouraging good behaviour and respect & courtesy to other students
  • Write feedback about what the students achieved in classes & what their future goals should be for upcoming sessions and email it to parents. 
  • Support students in acquiring positive study habits- time management, prioritisation, focus, goal-setting, note-taking and test strategies
  •  Mentor students & display a high standard of professionalism and care for the students

If you're interested, please read through our position description here  and apply as per the instructions on the last page. 

Closing date: 30/06/2018

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