Our Team


Naba Masad Alfayadh

CEO, founder and tutor

Naba grew up in Iraq and survived a war and a crazy journey to Australia, and so she feels a drive to use her second chance at life for something worthwhile. That means anything other than acquiring things or watching lame TV shows. She loves deep conversations and can be frequently caught starting conversations with 'Nice to meet you. So, what's the purpose of life, in your opinion?' Naba also works as a doctor at Eastern Health.

ATAR: 99.80 / English: 50 / Literature: 49.2 (scaled) / UMAT: 94. 

Email: masad@happybrain.org.au


Amani Zayegh

Co-founder and tutor

Amani majored in History & Linguistics at the University of Melbourne. She is the co-founder of HBE and is passionate about educational reform, psychological wellbeing and community projects.

ATAR: 95 / English: 47 / History: 45

Email: amani@happybrain.org.au


The Empower Program Team

Yusuf Hassan.jpg

Yusuf Hassan

Director of Empower Program SouthEast/Tutor  |  yusuf@happybrain.org.au

Yusuf is a Bachelor of Science student at the University of Melbourne. He’s so accomplished, yet so humble, and can make anyone feel like his best-friend in 2 minutes.. He is widely acknowledged by everyone to be the walking, breathing manifestation of the HBE culture: always enthusiastic, supportive, kind, energetic and happy to give everything a go!   

ATAR: 99.75 / Biology: 50 / Further: 50 / English: 47   Email: 


The Access Program Team

Emre updated.jpg

Emre Alpay

Director of the Access Program | emre@happybrain.org.au

Emre is a medical student at Monash University. He is very passionate about refugee rights and empowering young people. He has always dreamed of studying medicine to be a support for people at the most vulnerable times of their lives

ATAR: 99.35 / Specialist Mathematics: 52 (scaled) / Further Mathematics: 50 / Chemistry: 48. 


Mariam Hassan

Director of the Access Program | mariam@happybrain.org.au

Mariam is a junior doctor at Monash Health. Passionate about education, if she didn't study medicine her alternative career path would have been teaching! After spending a year in East Gippsland, Mariam loves the beach and the bush.

ATAR 99.80. English 50, Biology 50, Further Mathematics 49


Anneke Pol

NSW Coordinator of the Access Program | anneke@happybrain.org.au

Anneke is a lawyer in Sydney. She has a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Art Theory from the University of New South Wales. She was raised in Australia to a Dutch immigrant father and Australian mother. She is passionate about empowering young people, particularly women, to achieve their dreams. Over the last few years she has worked, both at university and with different not-for-profit organisations, to enthuse, engage and support young people and provide them with the skills and resources to reach their potential.